Getting an assessment and a diagnosis is critical. Ninety percent of my patients don’t need surgery. What they need is a diagnosis and knowing what is going on.
What happens in your appointment with Dr. Sean Rockett? Be prepared to talk, and the doctor listens to you!
Dr. Rockett talks about orthopedic surgery and how much people are in pain before surgery. Post surgery, they tell him that they are feeling great and can sleep.
What are some of the practical tips to be a successful physician? Listen to your patient is a key take away from Dr. Rockett.
Communication is critical after orthopedic surgery. Hear Dr. Sean Rockett talk about the high-level communication he and his team provide patients.
Value based care; focuses on quality of care, provider performance and the patient experience.  We have a surgical center where we are charging a lot less than bigger systems in the area to provide high quality patient care and experience.
What is Dr. Rockett’s work philosophy? Dr. Rockett talks about his work philosophy, doing the right thing, and caring for the patients.
Are you experiencing shoulder pain? What are the three signs to see a doctor about your shoulder?
Dr. Rockett demonstrates four passive range of motion exercises for the shoulder. These exercises are used to slowly regain your mobility.
How to repair a rotator cuff tear in four easy steps.
Can you put your socks on? Are you limping when you walk? Sleeping on one side?
Three reasons to see an orthopedic doctor to evaluate your hips.

Patient Testimonial Videos

The hip pain was so intense that this patient was not active and missing out on fun with his family. After hip surgery, the arthritis pain was gone. Two months post-surgery, he was traveling internationally. Having surgery with Dr. Rockett was a life-changing experience.
Hip surgery = pain-free for over a year! Listen to this patient’s hip surgery experience with Dr. Sean Rockett.
Hear from a patient of Dr. Sean Rockett as he talks about his knee surgery experience.
5 months out from knee surgery…Hear from a patient of Dr. Sean Rockett as she talks about her knee surgery experience.
Listen to this patient explain her shoulder surgery experience performed by Dr. Sean Rockett. She said shoulder repair surgery was 100% worth it.
3 Months post-ACL reconstruction surgery, this patient is happy and moving well. Hear what he has to say about the process and Dr. Rockett.
Hear from a golfer who had his shoulder and bicep tear repaired with Dr. Sean Rockett.
Knee Replacement Life Goal
After her knee replacement with Dr. Sean Rockett, a patient’s goal was to climb a hill and visit a Chapel in Tuscany.
With the aid of the other CrossFit medical team members, Dr. Sean Rockett was fortunate to help this unbelievable athlete quickly. They popped her elbow back into place in under 5 minutes.

Strength Training Videos

Strength Training is paramount as we get older. It can help reverse some of the natural aging process.
When you put together your strength training schedule, first decide when are you going to rest.